Being a mom is tough. Planning your family’s trip to Disney can be downright overwhelming!

If you’re a mom like me, who works full-time and then comes home and works full-time to take care of your lovely family, you find little time for yourself to do anything else, let alone take on the intense planning of a Disney vacation. In our family, we have challenges just like any family does. We have two very picky eaters, whose choices of foods are not alike at all, we have one child who likes fast rides and the other is a challenge to get on any at all, they can be the best of friends and they can be the worst of Frenemies… so, how does one start planning an amazing Disney vacation? How does one put together the perfect concoction of dining, rides and entertainment? Well that’s why I’m writing this blog! In our family, we plan it, we do it, we roll with it, and we get through to the other side with it! How do you become an expert? You have a lot of experience, and that’s what I have! I will share with you my vacation trials and tribulations. What you will find is that all vacations are one Amazing Adventure! I believe there is no total successful vacation or vacation flop! It’s how we ebb and flow, how we duck and weave. It’s what we leave and take away and what we remember forever! I’m excited to take you on this Amazing Adventure with me and hear what you have to say! After All…

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

So, leave me a comment below and let’s go on this amazing adventure together!

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