Do we really need trip insurance to go to Disney?

You’re kidding me right?

This is a question I get a lot from families, when I am booking them to go to Disney. They want to know why they really need to get trip insurance. I speak from personal experience, when I advise all my families that for, as little that my family has paid for trip insurance, we have saved so much more!

Oh I’m just getting warmed up mama!

The first time we used trip insurance was when our son was just 12 months old. We were in Magic Kingdom and I noticed that he felt hot. He’s eight now, but back then they had pacifier thermometers. I used the thermometer to check his temperature and it read 105° F. I gave him some Motrin right away and we took him to the first aid station, in the park. His temperature had come down to 104° but the nurses said that if his fever did not come down to 103° that he would need to transported to the hospital, for additional care. We were very relieved, when his temperature did come down to 103°, but then we need to see a doctor. We needed to find out what was wrong and what we could do. So, we went back to our room to figure out the next step. Disney was so amazing that they sent a doctor to our room. It was so cool. He was like an old-school doctor, with an old small black bag. He told us that it was unusual, but our son had a sinus infection. And he opened his little black bag and gave us the first dose of antibiotics that our son needed. The pharmacy sent over the rest of his medication within the next 2 hours. All of these expenses we paid out of pocket, at the time. But when we returned home, we filed our insurance claim and we were returned 100% of what we had paid. That’s because we had trip insurance.

There was another time we were visiting Disney with my parents. We had just checked out and were headed to the parks for just a little bit before, we needed to catch the Magical Express. That’s when I got a text from our flight carrier that our flight had been canceled, due to severe weather back home. I hurried to call the hotel and try and rebook our two rooms. I was told that we got the last two rooms on property. Again, we paid out of pocket but were returned the full amount, because we had trip insurance. Unfortunately, my parents did not purchase the trip insurance and they need to pay out of pocket for that hotel stay.

So, do you really need trip insurance?

This is a question only you can answer. I can tell you from personal experience that the small amount you will pay for trip insurance is well worth the money, when you consider the time it may save you, the stress you can do without, and the piece of mind that when you have it, you will be taken care of well!

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